The Meg (movie review)

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Isaiah Jung, Staff Writer

The Meg is a thriller movie that presents the former biggest shark in the world; The megalodon. An average megalodon was 18 meters long. (59ft.) These sharks were able to fit more than one full grown adult HUMAN in its mouth. In the movie, two megalodons were discovered after being thought extinct for over 2000 years.

In the movie, a group of people whose jobs are to work in the ocean, received an unfriendly greeting from a 75-foot-long megalodon shark. The shark was found deep down in the ocean, deeper than any human has reached before. Three members of the crew were down in the ocean when this happened: Toshi, The Wall, and Jessica. Luckily, Jessica and The Wall were rescued, but Toshi had to be left behind, and the shark killed him.

It was supposed to be impossible for the shark to reach the top of the ocean, but surprisingly, the shark creates a bigger mess by reaching the top.  As the shark creates more problems and kills more people, the crew works even harder to kill it. Luckily, the crew successfully killed the shark, but another shark of the same species appeared just as they were taking a picture.

Will the second shark be killed? Will the shark kill more people? Is the crew going to give up? Find out by watching “The Meg”.

(Ms Bruhns’ Science Facts Note: The Meg is not a real story.  This is complete fiction and gives movie science a bad name.)


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