BPJH Winter Wonderland Dance!

Catelyn Ortiz

Hey Stallions! Did you know that we have a school dance coming up soon? Well, if you didn’t, now you know! The theme to the dance presented by our amazing ASB students is a Winter Wonderland! There are going to be snacks, a fun and awesome DJ, and even a photo booth for you and your friends! Dance tickets will be sold on 12\3 to 12\7 for only 3 dollars. Then on 12\10 to 12\13, they’ll be sold for 4 dollars. The dance will be taking place on Friday, December 14th in our school gym! Just a quick reminder that dress code still applies along with school rules. You must have a signed permission slip and your id while buying your ticket but only need your I’d to get into the dance. Make sure to buy a ticket and  come support our fellow Stalli0ns.

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