Celebration of Awesome


Room Teacher TOTAL Students (Minimum of 25 students per teacher) Celebration of Awesome Activity (COA)
1 Ngo 30 Movie and board game room (Elf and Monopoly)
2 Ridal Kahoot & Games
3 Andros Classic Xmas Animations(SpongeBob Christmas, Grinch, etc.)
Game room(Rubik’s Cube, Speed Stackers, Yu-Gi-Oh, etc., Xmas Crafting)
7 Lee Movie room
8 Whyte 32 (Full) Movie room – Home Alone (Bonus snack provided) *ROOM FULL
11 Mays Movie Room/PS4 G-rated Game Room
12 Terhune High School Musical Sing Along
13 Reuter Self Contained
15 Mangkalakiri Movie room/ board games/hang out (bring your own pillow)
36 Lucero Movie room
37 Walshe Movie/Game Room
38 Fitzgerald Card games, board games, puzzles
39 Luksetich Outside Basketball Tournament
40 Bright Chill Room
42 Sedia 30 Movie Room (Coco)
43 Woodward Game Room (video games/board games)
44 Bruhns Game Room (non-electronic) Games, puzzles, dominoes, bring your own
45 Buchanan Incredibles Movie, word searches, board games
46 Gomez, R. game room
47 Kopaczewski VIDEO & BOARD GAMES / paper football, 3 coin soccer
48 Travis Cult. feast/games/general jollity and merriment/karaoke(machine permitting)
49 Voelker Christmas movies/crafts/puzzles/board games
50 Lutfi Card Game Room
52 Hoang Movie/Hang out
53 Hsu Art Drawing / Sketching
Field Hamilton 30 Soccer
55 Musurlian Stallion Cafe-Hot Cocoa, Cards, decorating cookies & relaxation
Track/Field Miladinovich 30 Hocker Soccer (Big Red Rubber Ball Soccer) / Fun Friday games
Gym Rizzo Volleyball in the Gym
59 Henniger Movie (Moana)
Gym Marcum 30 Basketball in the Gym
Lunch Benches Park – Sign Up Rm 24 25 Nail art (nail art & polish is provided, you can bring your own too)
Cafeteria/Stage Aguero Music Students Only Open Instrument practice (MUSIC STUDENTS ONLY)
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