Debate Tournament Results

Tiffany Elnitiarta, Staff Writer

On Saturday, December 15, we had a debate tournament at the Buena Park High School. Our school won 5th place overall. For the teams, Mackenzie Shane, Amber Lee, and Mackenzie Mauldin won 11th place and Chloe Serrano, Brandon Lee, and Leila Saldana won 12th place. For the speaker awards, out of over 300 students, Eric Um won 26th place, Mackenzie Shane won 22nd place, Mackenzie Mauldin won 20th place, and Chloe Serrano won 8th place! Congratulations to our debate team! Last week, Chloe Serrano traveled to New Jersey with the Orange County Debate League. She was on the first place team! Congratulations Chloe!

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