Sweater Weather!

Credit to https://www.pinterest.com/jollybrolly/jollybrolly-events/

Credit to https://www.pinterest.com/jollybrolly/jollybrolly-events/

Arum Han, Staff Writer

Remember to wear your sweaters and rainboots, because it will be raining almost every day next week!  From Monday to Thursday, it looks like it will rain constantly. Friday Jan 11 will be partly cloudy, it should rain most of Saturday the 12th, and it will lightly rain again on Sunday.

Monday- 61°F  and rain (100% chance of rain)

Tuesday- 61°F and showers (70% chance of rain)

Wednesday- 62°F and rain (90% chance of rain)

Thursday- 62°F and rain (90% chance of rain)

Friday- 64°F and partly cloudy (10% chance of rain)

Remember to stay dry and out of the puddles so that you don’t get wet! Also, don’t take showers or drink from the roof gutters!


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