Wait Till Helen Comes – Book Review

Sage Lee, Writer

Wait Till Helen Comes, a horror/fiction book by Mary Downing Hahn, is about a girl who moves out of the country with her family and her new stepdad, into a house that has a graveyard next to it. Molly, the main character, also has a whiny and manipulative step-sister, Heather, who is constantly getting Molly and her brother in trouble. However, one day, Molly catches Heather talking to someone/something, even though no one was visible. When Molly confronts Heather about it, Heather says that she was talking to someone named “Helen.” Everyone believes that Heather is just lying, but Molly has a feeling that Helen is not just a fragment of Helen’s imagination. She believes that Helen is a ghost with bad intentions for her family, and of course, she is correct.

This book was extremely good, it weaved me in until I finished it and it had the ability to give me the chills.  There was a time when I was actually scared of Helen, because of the way Hahn wrote it. If you are looking for a horror story that will give you the chills while you are reading it, and one that will leave an impression on you, I would definitely suggest Wait Till Helen Comes  by Mary Downing Hahn.

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