Pi week

Mariana Cortes

Thursday the 14th, of March is Pi day. For all who don’t know what Pi day is, well Pi day is an annual celebration on March 14, of the mathematical constant π. It is celebrated on this specific day because 3,1,4, make up the first significant digits, which also make up 3-14. The way our school will show its support to Pi day is by selling grams from Monday’s lunch to Thursday’s lunch. ASB and RRR are in charge of selling these Pi grams. In these grams, you will be able to write a note to a friend, that an ASB and RRR ambassador will go and deliver, to your friend during 6th period, on Thursday. For lunch activities, leadership will put some activities related to pie. Some activities include competitive pie face, Pi jenga, and many other games with Pi in them. So come out during Thursday’s lunch and celebrate  Pi day with them.





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