Mikhaila Roome, Writer

The anti-vaccination movement is a dangerous movement. Many people that follow this movement claim that vaccines cause autism, disease, and are worse than actually being vaccinated. The internet has called mothers who don’t vaccinate their kids “anti-vax moms.”

This movement isn’t just something that will slowly go away. Not vaccinating your children is extremely dangerous! In fact, at least 228 measles cases have been reported since January 1, according to the CDC. That is just measles, though. Other preventable diseases like whooping cough, tetanus, etc. are also popping up. We could prevent these diseases from spreading if people just vaccinated their children. And these diseases aren’t just really bad sicknesses. Most of them can have fatal complications, and for example, measles can cause blindness. This is why brave scientists decided to research these diseases and make vaccines. Their goals were to protect the people, not hurt them.

Many anti-vax parents claim that any laws or rules forcing them to vaccinate their children are horrible, and pushes on their freedom. But Italy doesn’t care, and has just made a law called the Lorenzin Law. This law prevents students under 6 from going to school without being vaccinated, and parents can be charged up to $560 for sending their kids to school unvaccinated. This is a step in the right direction for our future.

So, if your parents are debating on whether or not they should vaccinate you, tell them yes! Vaccines will prevent painful diseases, and will keep you and other people safe. They wouldn’t want their child to wake up blind or worse, not wake up, because of a stupid decision.