Jess Hilarious

Saloni Kainth, Staff Writer

A comedian named Jess Hilarious is receiving backlash after getting four Sikh people kicked off of a plane. She included this in her Instagram story, which went viral after she posted it. Four Sikh men, who were wearing turbans, (this is an important part of their culture) were kicked off because she felt “threatened” by them. She is seen mocking the men first in her video and then later on saying that she feels uncomfortable.

This was right after the New Zealand shooting, which makes it even more sad that these men were racially profiled and this still happens in our society. Jess tried to justify her actions on social media, but was shut down immediately by many people. After she received backlash, she came out saying, “I felt threatened and that was it… I’m never racist, but I spotted something and I put it out earlier. And we just got evacuated from our plane.” She once again received comments about how she was being racist and unfair. Many people have also tweeted at her to let her know that her action was not okay. However, she did indeed apologize about her actions and felt sorry about what she did.

In the past, Sikh people have been discriminated against and been mistaken for Muslims. Sikhs have constantly been mocked for their turbans and even gotten denied  jobs. Hatred has been shown against them and they are often stereotyped as terrorists, but nothing could be futher from the truth — Sikh beliefs embrace non-violence.

After 9/11, more than 300 hate crimes were reported against Sikhs. In August of 2012, six Sikh Americans were killed and four were injured by a white supremacist. Sikhs are just as diverse and beautiful as anyone else. They should not be hated or discriminated against just because of how they look. For Sikhs, turbans are a sign of peace, equality, and their religion. For them, it’s a part of their identity which no one can take away. David Yi writes, “…to Sikh Americans, it’s another day to shine a positive light onto the world and their peaceful religion. And so they continue to press on with complete confidence and own who they are. Talk to most Sikh Americans and they’ll tell you how proud they are of their turban.”

Racism has always existed, even in ancient times.  Racism, sexism, homophobia and more still exists in the world. Jess Hilarious’s actions were not justified at all, but she did apologize for this. However, hate exists in this world, but we shouldn’t add more of it. Instead, hate should be shut down. Everyone should be considered equal no matter their race, skin color, language or anything else.  When you educate yourself, you have a better chance of understanding differences.


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