Tutorial for Thursday, April 18


Thursday, April 18, 2019
1 Ngo closed make up work all
2 Nacapuy Open Study Hall all
3 Andros OPEN Learn to code 7/8
4 Prosio CLOSED Yearbook ALL
5 Sanhueza Closed Study Hall and Make-up work 7
6 Bolicek Closed ELD Make-Up ALL
7 Lee Closed Speech Writing 8
8 Whyte Closed Study Hall and Make-up work 7
9 Harris Open Study Hall and Make-up work ALL
10 Mercier Open Study Hall ALL
11 Mays Open Study Hall ALL
12 Terhune/Jacobs Closed Make Up Work 8
13 Reuter Open Social Games ALL
15 Mangkalakiri Closed Yearbook 7th
31 Vu Open Club Live ALL
34 Thomas Closed Woodshop ALL
36 Lucero Closed ASB/RRR Dance Prep 8
37 Walshe Closed ASB/RRR Dance Prep 8
38 Fitzgerald Closed Help/Make-Up Work ALL
39 Luksetich Open Study Hall ALL
40 Bright Closed Make-up work 7th
41 Gomez, V. Closed Make Up Work 8th
42 Sedia Closed Make up work/ Tests Spanish 1A/1B ALL
43 Woodward Closed Make-up work ALL
44 Bruhns Open Chemistry Tutoring ALL
45 Buchanan Closed Make-up work ALL
46 Gomez, R. Open Study Hall ALL
47 Kopaczewski Closed DRONE BUILDING ALL
49 Voelker Open Grade 8 Science Help 8
50 Lutfi Open Study Hall ALL
51 Casper Closed Promise Standard Reteach #4 7
52 Hoang Closed Math Help 7
53 Hsu Closed make up work and test 8
Field Hamilton Open Soccer ALL
55 Musurlian Open Study Hall ALL
59 Miladinovich Open Fitnessgram workout ALL
Blacktop Kim Open Basketball (40 max) ALL
Gym Rizzo Open Basketball 8th
Gym Marcum Open Basketball 7th
Stage/Cafe Aguero Closed Music ALL
Track Henniger Open Track/Make up All
Gym Wackerman closed Fitness Testing 8th
Track Henniger Closed Track/Make up All
Gym Wackerman closed Silent Zone Tutorial All
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