Things You Can Do To Help The Earth

Mikhaila Roome, Writer

April 22nd is Earth Day, an event where people around the world demonstrate how to support our Earth. Most kids think that they can’t help the Earth because they’re children. But that’s far from wrong!

Kids can do many things to help the Earth. For example, kids can still save water, save energy, and even help their parents plant gardens or trees. Planting gardens attract wildlife and gives them a habitat, and trees help absorb harmful extra CO2. Kids are also able to recycle, which is very helpful to our planet. Recycling cardboard, plastic, and throwing away your trash (that includes pet waste) will definitely make a difference.

Another things kids can do is get educated and influence other people. Gen Z will face the most consequences for our dying planet, so it’s important for us to get educated. When we’re educated, we can spread that education to more and more people.