8th Grade Promotion Dance

Sage Lee, Writer

On May 30, 6:00 to 8:00, there will be the 8th grade promotion dance. The admission fee for this dance is twenty dollars. Tickets go on sale next week!  The colors at this dance will be black, white, and rose gold. Food will be provided by the Mexican restaurant next to it, and the twenty dollars that you will be paying with will cover for all food, photo booths, and entry. We suggest that you wear clothes that are suitable for “dress-up” occasions, although the school dress code does count. Strapless, spaghetti straps, bare-midriff dresses, sagging pants, hats, and gum is not allowed. Girls should wear an outfit that you could move freely in, and boys must wear pants that fit at the waist without a belt. You should also remember to wear shoes that are comfortable for dancing.

All school rules apply from the beginning of the party to until you go home. This party is only for BPJH eighth graders, so any visitors are not allowed. The promotion party is not a “couples” party, and most students come without a date. The school is not responsible for your phones and cameras, so bring them at your own risk. Students that attend this event must attend BPJH that day. Parents, please remember to pick your student up at 8:00 PM.